MHS 34, Cloverdale 0, Oct 1, 2004

A tackle on the Cloverdale Eagles' first possession

Peregrina carry on Middletown's first possession

Another first possession carry

Comming up to the line

Rodrigues behind P Bower

incomplete to Pike

Finley catches long pass for 45 yards on 3rd and 8

Tim Hauge was mainstay of Eagles' offense

incomplete to Peregrina

the start of Finley's 85 yard punt return for touchdown in Q2

seconds later Finley gets past #8 on way to endzone

R Bower closes in on QB Perez

incomplete to Finley

Cooke with a catch

Bleuss carries

moonlit offense

sideline assessment

QB Thomas Jackson runs for 5 on busted play

Hauge caught this time