MHS 18, St Helena 21, Oct 29, 2004

What happens when homecoming is too close to Halloween.

Pucker up, Mr Superintendent.

St Helena scores on their 2nd play, but Middletown offense answers back: big pass complete to Finley.

Down 14-6 in 2nd quarter, pass for Cooke is picked off.

Defense is all over pass, it bounces away ...

for immaculate reception by #80, who has to be run down by Peregrina.

In final minute of first half, pass to Finley gets Middletown close

Next pass to Finley is a TD for 14-12 at halftime.

Receivers contemplate 2nd half.

A bit too high and outside.

Behind the defender, Rodrigues catches the ball ...

... for the TD to put MHS up 18-14.

2-pointer fails despite leap by Finley.

Mustang cheerleader.

Paul Bleuss carries late in the game.

Hurd with tackle in open field as Saints drive late in 4th.

Big tackcle by Ochoa and others as MHS tries to hold lead.

Critical play: Cooke intercepts with about 5 minutes left, but it is nullified by holding call.

Saints get real close with 4 minutes left, soon took 21-18 lead.

Last gasp: pass for Finley on 4th at 15 with 1:02 left.

One more first down to wrap things up for St Helena.