MHS 13, Lower Lake 15, Nov 9, 2007 in Middletown

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In JV game, David Pike runs for 22 yard TD

(JV game) incomplete pass

(JV game) This has to tie a record: 99-yard TD run by Jeremy Hoefer

Senior introductions

opening kickoff

important job

Owen run

Bower tackle

Owen run

Galusha punt as game stays 0-0 about end of Q1


Lower Lake run

Ryan Walker runs for Lower Lake


Galusha after a catch

catchable ball gets away

highish catchable ball gets away

too high for Zagajowski

defensive unit

Galusha on punt return

pass over Galusha is intercepted by Angel Maclas

at halftime it is 8-0 Lower Lake

Owen runs as Middletown drives to start 2nd half

nearing goal

Tomko 2-yd TD makes it 6-8

Dimitt defends pass against Kevin Freeman

pass intended for Galusha goes to LL's Angel Maclas


LL nears endzone at beginning of Q4

keeper by AJ Harris is TD and 15-6 lead for LL

completion to Zagajowski

Owens run

Tomko run

Owen 1-yd TD

Travis Taylor x-pt makes it 13-15 with about 5:40 left

Middletown gets ball back with 2:15 left and no timeouts

sack makes it 3rd and 16 and desparate

A 15 yard gain

after incomplete pass LL has won game and NCL-I North