MHS 35, Cloverdale 14, Sept 26, 2008 in Middletown

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Owen carry on second play of game

Zagajowski on way to first TD of game.

On second Middletown possession pass to Galusha moves from Middletown 45 (M45) to Cloverdale 23 (C23)

3rd and 5 completion to Zagajowski

late Q1 completion to Zagajowski to C13

After fumble recovery Jarod Domenchelli completes to Casey Berry

After C's punt, Tomko carries from M18

incomplete to Owen

Owen run


Domenchelli completes to Henry Duna

pass for Galusha intercepted by Duna

pass over Tomko for Berry incomplete

From M35 to first and goal with minute left in Q2: swing pass to Zagajowski and long run

Big hole for Tomko TD with :36 left Q2, 14-0 at half

Q3 29 yd pass play to Danny Beckwith

Owen with TD

Davis with sack of Domenchelli

Domenchelli complete to Berry

Cloverdales first TD: 8 yd pass to Berry; 28-7 Middletown

another catch for Duna

and a fine catch by Berry

Hoefer on defense but his catch out of bounds

Galusha pass defense on 4th and 18

Max Dixon 77 yd TD run for 35-7 lead

and another good catch by Casey Berry

fumble recovery by Beckwith and Tomko