North Coast Section division 4 Final: Salesian 28 Middletown 21 (OT), December 11 2010 Martinez, California

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Salesian drives, but Middletown holds

Middletown 3 and punt

Salesian 2nd possession leads to ...

... TD by Prier for 7-0 Salesian lead

Hoefer 62 yd KO return ...

... leads to ...

... TD by Jake Davis for 7-7

Davis flies at Prier

First half ends 7-7

2nd half kickoff taken by Davis

Jake Davis TD for 14-7 Middletown lead late 3rd quarter

JW Davis intercepts and runs it to Salesian 29 with 9 minutes left

Hoefer runs 28 yards to Salesian 1

Another Davis TD and Cardenas PAT makes it 21-7 with 8:17 left

Malic KO return and drive led by Woolsey quickly makes it 21-14

Middletown goes 3 and out after Pike run called back

completion to Mize

Marchini takes it to one yard line

Woolsey TD plunge and PAT tie it 21-21, 2 minutes left

heading to overtime

10 yard TD pass to Mize starts the overtime

PAT makes in 28-21 Salesian

Middletown first down play: short pass to JW Davis

2nd down: short run

3rd down: short pass to JW Davis

4th down : Pike stopped on run to end the game

Chad Nightingale gets the gatorade treatment

Salesian gets the title

Message from your photographer Ed

I have enjoyed these football seasons (since 2003) and stayed with it partly because the coaches, players, media, and fans take the games seriously and do their best. That inspires me to take the game seriously and do my best, and I like that. This season and this team has been the greatest, and at the same time I'm working be a better photographer.

There were a lot of unhappy Middletown players at the end of the last game, which makes sense, because they were all working so hard for a difficult goal, and came just short. Basketball coach John Wooden's accomplishments came before these players lifetimes and may not be familiar to them. He was The Sporting News's choice as greatest coach in American Sports History, and is also known for his "pyramid of success" which includes this definition:

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.”

I know how hard this team worked, and I say: You could hardly be more successful.